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We are redefining the freelance industry by offering innovative solutions to sellers and buyers alike. Our mission is to make a freelancing marketplace built on trust and authenticity. With faster payments, Easier communication, and lower Admin Fees, our platform servers you first.

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How much can I save?

On Upwork, clients pay to use the platform. On goLance, clients pay nothing. Instead, they get money back from what they spend on their freelancers. The money is paid from the freelancer’s 7.95% goLance commission fee every 60 days, and is yours to spend on whatever you wish.


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How myFreelancer Works?

Work is changing, and remote and hybrid jobs are becoming a new normal. Now, “the office” is often a home office, hybrid workplace, or wherever you want to set up shop. As the #1 job site to find the best remote, work from home, and flexible jobs for over 14 years, we know how to help you have a faster, easier, and safer job search. Just as we’ve helped millions of people, let us help you!

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Offers are pre-set bundles from freelancers. Browse a huge variety of offers — from as little as £10. Offers are an excellent way for clients to test out ideas and build lasting relationships with freelancers. If you're happy with the results, request a follow-on project.

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Who should Use myFreelancer?

The quick answer is anyone who wants a job with some kind of flexibility — remote, work from home, hybrid, part-time, freelance, or flexible schedule.
For example, MyFreelancer is a fantastic resource for:

  • People interested in working from home or remotely some, or all, of the time.
  • Freelancers looking for more clients and projects.
  • Parents wanting to be more flexible for their kids and families.
  • Someone looking for a second job or supplemental income that utilizes their skills and education in a professional way.
  • People who live in rural or local areas where they can’t find a job in their career field without having to move.